Waiter beaten to death over 15$


Police on Sunday morning feared to arrest and detain a city businessman, Andrew Desh Kananura, over allegations that he brutally tortured his bar attendant to death.

Kananura is accused of torturing Badru Kateregga, his employee at Panamera Bar and Restaurant Kampala, who eventually died.

Sources say Kiira Road Police station say detectives there feared to arrest the tycoon due to his relations with the first family.

It is alleged that before Kateregga (the deceased) was killed, his girlfriend had come at the pub to check on him alongside his old-time friend only identified as Peter who at one time worked for Desh but had been fired a few months ago.

Desh, as he is popularly known, immediately instructed his young brother Raymond Kananura to inform Peter that his presence at Panamera bar was a “threat to his customers and should therefore disappear.”

“Tell Peter that his presence at my bar is bad news and a threat to my customers and should immediately disappear. In fact tell him that he is not welcome,” Desh was quoted as ordering Raymond.

Before he left, Peter gave the deceased Shs10, 000.

Deceased: Katerega

According to the new set rules and regulations by Desh, the sole proprietor of the pub, no employee is allowed to enter with a phone and money in the bar premises and they are physically searched in a way to thwart any attempts to steal from the bar.

Baguma displaying his crounched back

Sadly, as Kateregga left the bar at 3am, Desh found him in possession of Shs10,000 during a physical check.

Desh reportedly dragged Kateregga to the security room, stripped him naked before pounding him with a club as the bar attendant screamed for help.

Two other employees came for his rescue but were also given a round of canes.

The waiters, Bernard Kyaboona and Moses Baguma were all left unconscious, crawling on the floor as they tried to give first aid to Katergga.

Kateregga passed away at around 3:30am as colleagues planned to take him to the hospital.

The Police picked the body at around 7am in the morning.

Banard KYABOONA who was also beaten

It’s now kept at Mulago Referral Hospital Mortuary for postmortem as investigations ensue.

According to deceased’s fellow employees who made a statement at Kiira Road police station, Desh has been torturing most of his employees for so long and even reached the extent of undressing and at times forced waitresses into “some abominable acts.”

The police and KCCA have closed the blood-stained Bar.

Desh is reportedly in hiding.

Baguma showing his arm which was disallocated

It has also emerged that the bar is located on a wetland and has been cited for demolition.

The detectives have reportedly contacted Kampala Police boss Andrew Kaweesi and IGP Lt Gen Kale Kayihura over the matter.

The files CR 2830/2012 and SD28/30/9, 2012 of manslaughter and assault have been opened up for Desh at Kiira Road Police Station as they wait for his arrest and prosecution.

Kananura is brother to MUK Chancellor Prof Mondo Kagonyera.

The bar is directly located opposite Sudhir’s Kampala Parents’ school in Naguru, Kampala.

He is a very shrewd car dealer and socialite.


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