CORPORATE HUSTLE – Making The Extra Dime


It is not without a doubt that most of you working people have that second or third job from which you earn you extra paper you take to favourite pub most of which ask for a buck too much for that silky tasting lager. A young dude like me cannot and will not survive on a measly salary, not with the gals you’re dating or the rent of that beat up place you live in. So for good measure and in order to buy at least two Bloody Marys at that new club, you will get to hustle and be able to actually provide the best of your services for a payment that the tax authorities will never know about.

For people in my line of profession, accounting, it is really necessary to get that extra job for what your employer pays is so meagre you always thinking of leaving but the next guy is not any better. One thus falls on the only option of making more money so that you can be able to service your salary loan and pay your rent and have a balance for taking out your chic to watch that new 3D movie in the cinema and not the lousy free download everyone has got a hold of.

Looking for the extra work is the hardest; one has to stoop to levels he never thought his knees could bend to! You send out messages to friends and foes advertising your services or new goods for sale. You create an account on Facebook and Twitter and close your Hi-5 account as no one knows if the website is still open. On Facebook you send out profile updates telling your peeps and those unlucky friends’ friends about your new service rates or latest Chinese/Dubai fake product imports. You even create a group on Facebook and for better results even send text messages to your entire phonebook telling them about the new stuff you have available.

With all the hooks placed out in the market you would be unlucky if you got no one to bite on your bait. But once a bite comes in, you are up and working with the best professionalism you can muster. You pamper your client with all your apprehended professional client service “bull” you picked up at your official workplace. The level of customer pampering and the very cheap prices you will charge your client will prompt him/her to advise other people to seek and use your services.

Before you know it, you are spending more time hustling than at your contracted day job. The appraisals that come up at year end will subtly indicate that you are flat on your ass at work and thus need neither salary raise nor promotion. It bothers you not because currently you make at least twice or thrice your salary from your hustle and are barely bothered by your boss’ whining over your lacklustre work ethic.

With such a lousy work attitude at your 8 to 5 job, it comes as no surprise that your boss throws in the towel on your relationship and asks you to clear your desk and look for another job. For you this is a blessing in disguise as you can sue for wrongful dismissal and also get to put in 110% in your hustle now christened a “Consultancy”.


  1. mmmhh . . . I should show this to my boss. I guess that can get me a 20% increment so that he can keep me phresh (misspelling intended) for Monday as I would not have to work throughout Sunday!


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