Dying to Plan


February is here.

The second month of the year.

For those of you still making personal new year resolutions, you need to catch up. The year is in full swing and quarterly appraisals are coming up.

Edward <Chartis> is unperturbed : “I work under pressure day in day out. Appraisal or not, I don’t care. Right now I am finalising the things I hope to achieve professionally this year. ”

Mariam <CitiBank> is biting her nails over the years budget: “you have to do this stuff early . My forecasts have to be realistic and yet encouraging.”

Meg <FIFA > is already over her head in work : “this darn world cup. Issues appear everywhere and yet I haven’t even started working on my own personals.”

Alard <Koddaert> is setting up for the stock taking: “right now , I am finalizing the preparations for stock taking. Its going to be wild.”

Alexia<> is not bothered : “to quote Stevie Wonder, Whats the fuss ? Can’t you people see its Valentine!! I wonder how many gifts I am going to get!!”

Erella <Francesco Smallto> concurs ; “to me this time of yaer is about celebrating love and appreciating my family. Work is important but family is my foundation.”

John <self employed > would rather forget about it : “these women put too much credence in valetines. All the girls at work are busy gossiping about what they received last year and guessing as to what they will get this year. Crap!!”

Faridah <in-between-jobs> doesn’t really care what the work season : “right now, if I had a job, I would n’t mind how busy I was. I wouldn’t mind any job right now. Any work .”

Sarai <WFP> is just thankful to be alive : “I am looking at all the photos and statistics from Haiti and I am glad to be alive. To be able to work under a secure roof. ”


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