Mathew 5:25


‘Goo afternoon sir, i believe you realise you ave been goin in too too fast for our Ugandan roads here. You almoss causin assiden’!’

He was a good man. A God fearing man.

He was a saved man, ready to do what the Holy book said.

Compromise was out of the question, and that definately meant no breaking the law. So you can imagine the torture and pain he must have gone through when he was stopped by a policeman in Mukono for over speeding.

He was trying to hurry back to Kampala so he could be in time for his five year old’s birthday party. But he knew that was no excuse for breaking the law. He thus resigned himself to his fate as the Police Officer walked up to his car.

‘Goo afternoon sir, i believe you realise you ave been goin in too too fast for our Ugandan roads here. You almoss causin assiden’!’

‘Im sorry sir! I was in a hurry to get somewhere, but i know that is no escuse. I will not do it again!’
‘Ofcos you will not do it again. It is zis pipol like you who are jus causin assidens assidens everytime. It is zis pipol like you who olmos kill Ogenga Latigo on de roads.’

‘I’m sorry sir.’

‘Ok now you are sorre. Now me if i let you go, aww wil i kno zat you are sorre? Ok Mupa miimi!’

At this point, the man couldn’t understand kiswahili, but he knew it sounded like the Police officer was asking for a bribe. he decided to ignore the last sentence and instead he apologised again.
‘Miimi nataka kitu kidogo!!!!’ the officer repeated!

The man decided that he was not going to go against the Lord’s commands and give a bribe. That was corruption! That was theft! That was sinful! He could go to hell! He could burn for eternity! He thus refused!

The angered Police Officer decided this was not going to be the end of him, so he entered the man’s car and ordered him to drive to the police station.

On reaching the police station, the man was locked up in a cell. All the other Police Officers around advised him to just give the other officer something small, and he would be set free. The saved man looked at his wrist, read the letters WWJD engraved on his wrist band, and thought, What would Jesus Do! he decided to make himself comfortable. Of course, for simple over speeding, he would be out of there in no time.

Minutes turned to hours.

Afternoon turned to evening.

The man refused to succumb to temptation! ‘This is a test from God!’ he convinced himself! When it clocked 19.00, the Officer who had arrested him ordered for blankets to be brought.

‘This man will sleep here and tomorrow morning we will transfer him to the main prison!’

He looked up to the ceiling and begun reciting his prayers. Just then another Officer came and asked why he had refused to pay and be set free. The man explained that it is not good for a man of God to do things of the world. The officer, being a savedee <born again xtian> himself, decided to quote a scripture for the man:

Mathew 5:25
“Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison”

With that, the man paid his way out of jail!

By Sara Akelly
<the writer has an interesting way
of interpreting the bible>


  1. Girl, that’s for real. When a police officer woman stopped me, after me just having paid my ticket a week before, after me having to take the vehicle for inspection when someone else had knocked me, after having to pay for repairs for which I had no business taking the car to the inspection site, I HAD to pay. I was against corruption up until that moment, but I learnt, it’s just too big a monster to fight with. And she had got me for not wearing a seatbelt…


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