Canada , Sweden , Argentina and Uganda leave Olympics with same number of gold medals

Stephen Kiproitich after winning the men’s marathon

The 2012 London Olympics ended on a high note with a spectacular three hour ceremony and a handover of the final medals to little known Ugandan Stephen Kiproitich who had just won the men’s marathon. The Ugandan’s last sprint finish meant that the country got only its second gold medal in 40 years and by so doing shot up the medals table to finish at 50th overall. The country’s position has been viewed as a sign of God as it celebrates its 50th year of independence. Local media have started a campaign to raise 500,000 USD as prize money for the athlete who won the country’s sole medal at the Olympics.

Stephen’s win means that Uganda left the Olympics level on gold medals with wealthier countries such as Canada , Argentina , Sweden , Tunisia and Ireland. The finish also means that the impoverished country finished higher than  richer economic  giants such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia ,Morroco , Kuwait , Portugal , Malaysia and Belgium.


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