Setting sights after clerkship


Living the life

One of the best experiences I have had to date has been my clerkship. Definitely the best. Sometimes working on the edge and then afterwards preparing better so that no surprises take me unaware. Times when I had to spend the whole night awake because there was a situation that needed to be dealt with asap or because if I slept I would not be able to make it to the firm at 5am! (Had to do that on two occasions and it was definitely worth the experience).  Once I had to jump off the boda and run from Crested Towers to Nakumatt so as to beat the traffic and pay bail fees for two gentlemen. Then having to stay late to get things done or to get to work on Saturday and Sunday evening. The lessons I have learned have been worth more than any pay I could have asked for. Now its back to books but I will surely carry those moments with me for a long time to come.



Setting new focus. Taken through the office window on the last day of clerkship


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