Moods of a blue Pygmy


A poem by RushAfrican

They’ve measured me height and me size

They say me 150 meters tall, not like them tall men.

me round and thick, nearer to ground

They say me eyes are red, dusty and sweaty always

But none dare say me wise and beautiful


Me low on speech, always stammer

Me a hunchback, can’t walk straight nor run fast

Me can’t throw a spear, nor protect my village

Me can’t skin the coffee nor trap antelope

They say me good for nothing, born for nothing


They say me can’t start a family, them all women will say no

They say me can’t have children, that me not man-enough

To them, me can’t fall in love, can’t lead, can’t succeed, can’t live

Are they right? Is everything they say about me true?

Me tend to believe so, sometimes without doubt. This is sad!


Why don’t they listen to me little voice, just for one moment?

Me probably has a solution to their problems and sicknesses

Probably in me little head, me have distinctive words of wisdom

Maybe they can open their eye and see me for who me really is

Yes, me a pygmy, but a man at most, man like any other


Me can jump and smile, me can swim and gloat and cry

Me can marry the most fairy maiden in my village

Yes, if only they could listen to me and see beyond me hunchback

Me can bring change to the world, a smile to the children

Yes, me a pigmy, but a man at most, man like any other


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