Kenyan MPs vote themselves out of parliament by mistake


The award of “stupidiest thing done by legislators in 2012” goes to …..drumrolls… Kenyan MP’s who voted into law a bill that effectively barred  them out of parliament.  The MP’s amended an electoral bill last week that made it mandatory for all MP’s to have Bachelor’s degrees. Problem was that about 80 MP’s did not have this level of education which effectively meant they couldn’t come back to the august house. Lucky for them , President Kibaki refused to sign into into law for entirely different reasons.

Members of Parliament who do not have university degrees on Monday breathed a sigh of relief after President Mwai Kibaki declined to sign the controversial Miscellaneous Amendment Bill as passed by Parliament last Thursday.

The President was particularly irked by amendments allowing party-hopping and the MPs degree requirement and has now returned the Bill to Parliament for amendments.

The Head of State said in keeping with the doctrine of the separation of powers, matters which are before the Court should not be the subject of legislation by the National Assembly.

The President also rejected the Bill’s proposal to amend section 22 (2) of the Elections Act to require candidates for election as a Member of Parliament to hold a degree from a university recognised in Kenya, in the same way as the President, Deputy President, County Governor or Deputy County Governor.

Kenyans have scoffed at parliamentarians for effecting amendments to some the Constitution implementation laws to favour their selfish ambitions and agenda.

Former Attorney General Charles Njonjo was among those who had welcomed the stand taken by MPs that those at the helm of the country’s leadership must not be intellectually challenged.

Njonjo said quacks should not be allowed to lead ‘smart’ Kenyans.


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