Cake Festival , I want my money back!!


On saturday , I went to the poorly marketed cakefestival with high expectations. Of course , looking back now , I recognise the poor publicity should have been a tip-off. But it was a boring saturday afternoon, it had just finished raining , I had an hour or so to kill before a wedding and I was bored. Did I mention that I was bored ? When a friend mentioned that there was a cake festival for just 10k and free samples, my sweet tooth was tickled. In this case I was willing to fit the stereotype of fat guy eating cake with a smile on his face. Alas!! the Cosmic joker would have the best smile.

This is what i should have done.

We got to the festival five hours later than was indicated on the poster and they were still setting up . The ground was very wet and puddles were everywhere. I first moved around to acquaint myself with the battle ground so I could sample strategically . I identified three targets. Yes only three exhibitors had free samples. And one was my emergency  cake lady Priscilla who is able to provide delicious juciy  cake at 6 hours notice hence she didn’t count.

These cakes were not there!!

The other two had morsels of cake. I felt my sweet tooth going back to sleep. Three samples. Three bloody samples for 10k . Three pieces of cake so small that if i put them together they wouldn’t form a cup cake for Thumbellina. I could have bought more useful stuff with the money. And the cakes on display were less than twenty. How can it be a festival with less than 20 cakes?

Neither were these!!

And there was this live band that kept doing soundcheck and playing mood killing music. Okay I concede that I don’t know what type of music should be played at such an event but that was not it. The MC kept thinking he was in a some kidandali where people needed recycled jokes.

Or even these

But it all wasn’t that bad. There was one exhibitor who saved the day with a wide range of cakes . Only problem they were all for sale. So we resorted to buying from him. There was another plus for mothers with tiring kids; the bouncing castle.  The worn-out women brought their kids, dumped them at the castle and sat down for much needed rest. After all, the kids could keep stealing cake and run back to the castle to occupy themselves as mummy caught a little nap.  For the rest of us who had expected a culinary delight, we left dejected . As we trudged through the muddy parking lot, we concluded that it’s tough having a sweet tooth in Uganda.


  1. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha is far from what I would have had on my lips if I was in your position. But you have brought the picture to life in my mind I am roflmao! Please name and shame once and for all so the rest of us do not fall victim!!!!!!!!! I would practically cry if that was the kind of treatment given to my sweet tooth!


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