I hate invigilating exams


As i type this , i am invigilating an exam. Really . I am. Its a three hour programming exam and i have slightly under two hours to go. I am a lecturer and this has got to be the worst part of my job. Sitting there for three hours doing a whole crap of nothing. Even if i allowed these kids to cheat, they would still fail the paper . They are just not that creative or serious. They are lazy and the education system has taught them how to be spoon fed instead of looking out for themselves. They are cuddled by the university administration which wants all students to pass despite a number being capable.

When i came into this university a few years back , i was a fresh eyed optimistic lecturer determined to open the minds of these kids up . Teach them how to be ambitious and grasp the possibilities of the internet. I think Hollywood had spoilt me. This was not a movie, this was real life. Most of these kids don’t really care about education. They are only here to get a paper which they can use to get into a job which will allow them access to public funds which they can steal and build big houses . These kids are here because their parents told them. Those who are paying for themselves are doing it so that they don’t get fired from work. They put in just enough effort in every assignment or test they do. Research work involves copying and pasting from the internet and references are “www.google.com.” They don’t want to be the next Einstein or Bill Gates , well only if that means getting money. Solving community problems is not part of their dreams. They are more interested in movies and sex.

And exams are just part of the routine for both the university and students. We are both going through the motions. The kids are aiming for 50% and the university is aiming for numbers which means more money. SO if more kids pass, people will be encouraged to come to the university which means more money . So as a lecturer , i am encouraged to give exams and tests to those students who weren’t bothered enough to show up for the first one. Retakes are not encouraged. Marks compensation is the word of the day . And i can’t say i blame either party. The world economy is in shatters. You got to grasp at whatever you can find.

So here i sit , idling away the time in the name of invigilating. Thank God i have internet.


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