What do you mean the computers don’t work?


During my senior year in college, I had a part-time office job in one of the departments in the School in Technology.  So one day, the other student workers along with my creative mind were bored and wanted to boycott our busy work.  Of course, it didn’t help that it was a gorgeous spring day, we were one month from graduating, and to top it off it was April’s Fool Day.  While the office manager was a lunch, we hatched a plan to play an April’s Fool Joke on her.  So after several minutes of brainstorming of ideas that were funny but that would not get fired our little behinds fired, we came up with a plan and went into action.

 The office manager walked in from lunch all bubbly as usual and we quickly informed her that our computers had been down for 15 minutes.  She doesn’t ask any questions and we started talking among ourselves waiting for the computers to come back up.  Now keep in mind that this is at the School of Technology and everything else in the office was working except for the computers.  After two hours of waiting and bored of talking to the office manager, to be honest we were at the point of sticking needles in our eyes we were that bored.  It’s amazing how sometimes great plans can backfire on you and put you right back in the same situation you started in.  So being the technology major, I offered to see if I can fix the computers.  I climbed under the desk, pretend to play with cords and then with a beep the computers start booting up.  Amazed, but confused, the office manager asked how I figured it out how to fix the computers.  I said with a small little smile – “Well, I figured the computers needed power to run and plugged the computer’s power cords into the power stip.” With that all the student workers busted up laughing and we all shouted April’s Fool Day.  In the end, she was touched that we played an April’s Fool Day joke on her and it taught her a lesson to always check the power cord first.
So the lesson out of all this is that sometimes we don’t think of the obvious when trying to figure out problems, especially with technology.  But sometimes it’s also fun to prank people because in general people over think it when comes to technology.


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