Murder she wrote : Woman kills workmate uses semen from brothel to stage it as rape and murder


Money seems to be at the root of most evils.

A Spanish businesswoman killed her workmate and then injected the semen of male prostitutes into her mouth and vagina to make it look as if she had been raped and murdered.

María Ángeles Molina was jailed for 22 years for the grisly crime committed to cover up identify theft and plot to steal €1million in an insurance scame.

The killer, known as Angie, lured her friend Ana Páez to a Barcelona apartment she had fraudulently rented in her victim’s name just three days before.

Jailed: María Ángeles Molina killed her workmate before injecting the semen of male prostitutes into her mouth and vagina to make it look as if she had been raped and murdered

She sedated her friend before placing a plastic bag over her head and sealing it with gaffer tape.

To make it look like her victim had been raped, Molina then injected the semen, which she had obtained from a brothel.

The elaborate cover-up came after Molina had stolen Páez’s identity and used it to take out bank loans and insurance policies worth €1million in her name.

She was pictured on CCTV entering a bank, wearing a wig, to withdraw €600 from an account in her victim’s name.

Barcelona High Court on 19th March  sentenced Molina to 22 years in prison. It noted ‘she took advantage of her friendship to steal ID documents with the intention of gaining economic benefit’.

She was given 18 years for the murder, which took place on February 19, 2008, and a further four years for fraud.

The court heard that, to gain an alibi, Molina travelled to Zaragoza in a Porsche to recover the ashes of her father. When she returned to the Catalan capital she carried out her sickening crime.

Police searching her home found an unopened bottle of chloroform and an insurance policy in Páez’s name.

And Molina’s boyfriend at the time also passed police Páez’s original passport and ID card which he found stashed behind Molina’s bathroom cistern.

Molina denied the charges and said she was out shopping at the time of the murder. She told the court: ‘Without yoghurts or condensed milk I am nothing.’

But the court ruled: ‘The amount and the relevance of the evidence, amply accredited, leave no doubt as to the identity of the killer.’

Source:Daily Mail


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