Bonafide Genius!!


Guess what! I just remembered something awesome!! A friend of mine is a genius!! A genuine bona fide genius! Brian, my hat’s off to you. : ). (No, I am not talking about myself). Ok, now that that’s done, and I’m in a slightly better mood, let’s see, something a little more fun ought to come up… hmmm…

Aah, life is beautiful, do you not agree? (just so you know, I’m only writing that because I’m expected to at this point, mbu I’m supposed to be eternally happy, just how does that work? Oh, yeah, mbu I’m also very sarcastic, I’m happy and sarcastic, yes; that does make a whole lot of sense. (this is where I could snort or something, but that is just not polite, so I will spare you. Besides, I’m happy, right? : )))

Now where was i? ah yes, someone is promising…wait. Let’s see, um… ah yes. Hang on a second, let’s see if this will work.

Eh, ok, now you see that second, it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would… right now I have no idea just what point I was trying to avoid, so you will… ok, hang on another second, someone thinks they are more important than what I’m currently doing… ok, ok, I’m coming sheesh (not to you, don’t worry, its just that I’m typing… and they’re calling again, one sec.)

Well, that was a (currently very mad) Lady (because mbu she had to call twice, had no idea I was performing a humanitarian duty here…Some people! Tch tch!) (ok, so she might be a fine upstanding specimen of… (the lady I mean, keep up, will you?)(if I continue with this sentence I, well, let’s just say I like myself with no parts cut off, visible or not) but still!)

Eh, but that’s beside the point; that beautiful, wonderful, brilliant, perfect, wonderful specimen of a human being has just done it for me!! Ooh yes, I can feel it; I can feel the brilliance bubbling under, the sheer genius slowly rising to that point, yes, that point, ecstasy they call it, and… oh, you know what I just found out? I now have two (yes count them, two, as in one, two, a whole two!!(not one, not 1.5 or 1.8, but two)) confirmed fans, this is brilliant, this is lovely, this… this calls for a celebration!! (hang on a second while I go do a jig) break out the fine wine…oh, screw the wine, break out the hard liquor, the tough meat, the… eh, that’s really all you need to throw a party? Oh no, wait, Music and… and… okay, yes, that’s about it… hmm, funny, I thought it was harder than that…

Eh, no matter PARTY, I have two, yes, count them, TWO CONFIRMED fans aiyaya, I think I should have an epiphany (I know I know, you don’t usually think these things through, but it has been so long since I had a brilliant idea (and when I say brilliant, I do mean brilliant, like that dude who came up with the million dollar page (what, you haven’t heard of it? Ed., have you figured out how to embed links in this maga zine thingy? Not yet? Ah well, google always works J. (but seriously Adib, web zine, no links?))) or that chic who charges people to break stuff… well, you get the idea, do you not?) eh, buts that’s not important right now, I’m supposed to be having an epiphany!!

Eh, ok, I’m going to have to leave now, some other (also very arresting) Lady is competing for my attention and not to be snide or anything, but she really is more interesting, so ba bye, see ya, toodles.

Oh, yes, one last thing; I are a genius. Just so you know.

By Brian B. Coutinho

Originally posted in WorkZine 33 which is available for free download here 


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