The office equipment hates me


So my entertainment for the day was me getting in a fight with the shredder. You have to understand I’ve had issues with the shredder since day one. I have this tendency to put too much paper in it at a time and jam it up and then I have to stop it and hit the reverse button in order to get the paper back and I also like to use it until the bag is full and it makes this horrible noise and you that can only be stoped by cutting off the power to it.

Well today, I accidently knocked 3 paper clips and this other bigger clip thing into the shredder, which would have been a very bad thing had I not realized right away that I had done it. So I go and get a coat hanger and try to fish the stuff out, but that wasn’t working so then one of the FSNs gave me a bent paperclip. I fished one paper clip out but then dropped my “tool” into the machine so I had to find another paper clip. I was having a lot of trouble getting the other things out. So I decided to try to go in from another angle. I pulled the bag out of the machine and crawled into the bottom of the shredder. That was unsuccessful and I got this white dust all over my black pants and paper shreds all over the place including all over myself. One of the women at work dusted me off, but i’m still covered in shreds. I eventually did fish all the stuff out of the shredder with the exception of the one Caroline got out. It was really frustrating though and took like 20 minutes.

My entertaining stories probably are only funny if you are here, but I was really entertained by it and wanted to share. I felt like a moron.


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