The Bodyguard Reloaded!! Julia Gilliard as Whitney Houston


HE’S Australia’s answer to Kevin Costner. Pictures of him with his arms around Julia Gillard, protecting her from angry protesters, have made news around the world, and this morning breakfast shows played him the ultimate compliment and played Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You over the footage.

TV hosts were comparing his chiseled good looks to those of Heath Ledger and speculated that Hollywood casting agents would soon be calling.

So who is he?

The Australian Federal Police haven’t revealed the bodyguard’s name but what they will say is that his actions yesterday were by the book

“Threat” is not the word the Prime Minister’s close personal protection detail often hears over their earpieces but that single word is enough to trigger the protocol that results in her immediate removal from danger.

Security sources revealed there are no colourful codewords used when the prime minister comes under attack. It’s not Hollywood.

“Our saying is to run and hide not to stand and fight,” they said.

“If there is a weapon, you would use ‘threat gun or threat knife’ and usually the direction it’s coming from; ‘threat front, threat rear’.

“That’s the signal to grab her, see what and where the threat is coming from. Our job is to bundle them up and get them to safety.”


  1. This was a Julia Gillard ‘wag the dog’ that backfired.
    There is nothing worse for a politican than attempting to manipulate the public and a media that did get sucked in, and then the truth comes out…
    Her staffer had leaked a false comment and location of Tony Abbott – nearby knowing full well what it would incite the mob.
    Gillard had prepared her role play as the cool heroine that would rescue Tony from the supposed social division he creates. There is a very telling moment when Gillard asks ‘do we have where Abbott is at’ ie was Tony Abbott now in position on the stage she created so the force of the mob can be directed at him.
    She then went on to play the helpless victim of it all for the camera.
    But all along she and her staff had been FULLY aware of the mob, who also admit now they were ‘played like puppets’ in this labor media wag the dog play.
    However it backfired, and Gillard has since been sprung. The staffer has been sacked as first scapegoat but the opposition will force an enquiry, then the many chat, text and media prep to expect something and so on will all come out.
    This is a very embarrasing prime minister we are all very ashamed of. She has repeatedly been found to have opportunistic and decietful behaviour. She has a staff that stop at nothing in spin & media manipulation, and they bring shame on Australia.
    Julia wagged the dog once too often, and got sprung.


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