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Suffering under a bad boss can make work seem like purgatory. You have few options: continue to suffer, quit or get rid of your boss. But before you decide to get your boss fired, make sure you’ve done your homework and have determined that this is a viable option. Otherwise, you just might be committing career suicide.

Difficulty:   Moderately Challenging


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Assess your boss’s position. Getting your boss fired will be infinitely more difficult if your boss is a respected employee (however wrongly), has valuable information or connections for the company or has someone higher up who will protect him. On the other hand, if your boss is incompetent in her job, is doing something illegal, or is on the outs with top management, you may be doing the company a favor by coming forward.

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Perform your duties well. Before you can make your case to your boss’s superiors, you have to set a record of being a good employee. Get your work done, don’t talk negatively about your boss or the company, be willing to pitch in on other assignments and make a file of good reviews or kudos from customers.

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Start a paper trail. Making the case to get your boss fired will require more than vague accusations or anecdotal examples of bad management. Use your daily calendar to keep a record of harassing or discriminating remarks (if that’s the case), keep memos or requests your boss has made of you in chronological order and save voicemails and emails that will support your allegations.

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Find support. Take note of how other people interact with your boss. If you suspect a co-worker has a similar problem, talk to him about your situation and see if he will corroborate your complaints about your boss. Be careful not to drum up support from people who may alert the boss to your plan.

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Request a meeting. If your boss should be fired for doing something illegal, such as harassment or discrimination, go to human resources with your case. If you boss is incompetent in her job, request a meeting with her immediate superior or possibly her superior’s superior to discuss the situation.

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Be prepared. Most likely you will have one shot at discrediting your boss, so be prepared to walk through your problems clearly, concisely and with all the evidence you have.

Tips & Warnings

  • The company may also decide to take no action at all, which in that case you may want to leave. You may want to start looking for another job as a backup plan.
  • If you feel your boss is breaking the law, such as discriminating against or harassing you, seek assistance from your local department of labor as well as from your local human resources manager.
  • Do not expect immediate action from the company, and do not be surprised if your boss soon finds out that you brought the complaint. The company will need to investigate your complaints by discussing the problem with your boss, and possibly by interviewing your co-workers, before taking any action.
  • Do not give an ultimatum or threaten to leave if your boss isn’t fired. However, you may request to be moved to another supervisor or work group until management has investigated your complaints.


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