Types of bad bosses


Kinds of Bad Bosses


How you deal with a bad boss depends on what kind of boss he or she is. When you work in the corporate world, you’ll encounter many types of bad bosses. Here are some of the many types of bad bosses that lurk around offices:

  • The Taskmaster. The Taskmaster, also known has a “Neanderthal boss,” is too authoritarian for the good of his or her employees. The Taskmaster sees himself or herself as the dictator, fearless leader, and supreme ruler of the office space. He or she demands that you follow every command, treats you like slaves, and puts his or her own welfare above everyone else’s.
  • The Micro-Manager. Micromanagement can be very detrimental to the growth of your company, and is extremely annoying for workers. The Micro-Manager is too detail-oriented, and misses out on the goals for the task at hand. He or she makes irrelevant and trivial rules, makes up scenarios, and uses too much irritating jargon.
  • The Credit-Grabber. Credit-grabbing bosses are the bane of every hard-working employee. While you work long hours filing reports, making presentations, and create sound plans for the company, your boss does nothing. When the time comes that the big boss congratulates people for a job well done, the Credit-Grabber is the first to take the limelight.
  • The Egoist. There are bosses who just won’t listen. Not because they don’t want to listen, but because they think they have better ideas than their employees. They think that just because they’re the boss, they are far better and more intelligent than their employees. If an employee thinks of a better idea, he or she will do everything to prove you wrong.
  • The Non-Boss. Some bosses don’t act like bosses at all. They’re too approachable, don’t command respect, and can’t get anything done. Some of them can be so incompetent that you wonder how they ever got promoted to a leadership role. Non-bosses cannot lead, and would rather focus on how their employees perceive them than perceive their roles.
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