Passing thru Vienna’s Red Light District


Yea …so it is the oldest profession….clearly nothing is going to change in that faculty anytime soon. So having lived in another community for close to a year, it’s interesting to come close to the trials of living in these fine lands of four seasons!!!

I must admit, Vienna is everything and more….a fabulous place to live and honeymoon!

Driving in the evening with a friend of mine…strange how it’s the older people who are more friendly and interested in knowing where we come from. Not all though.

Back to the story, everyone who saw us that day must have thought I was one of those girls out with an elderly old white man out for a good time. Wrong. I’d been to see a dentist and him being native to this town, was taking me to a fine dentist friend of his for consultation.

Since we work the official hours, had to use the evening on Boys Night out!!!!
Right, so it’s the drive to my home to drop me off that got us talking. As we took a turn on this street, it’s clear and there is a neon sign advertising a brothel. It actually looks like a warehouse.

“That’s where to find the prostitutes!” my friend says.

Gasp, “What?” I say….looks run-down actually.

“Yes, here, soliciting on the streets is forbidden and if the police gets you, its jail immediately.” Ok…remembering Kampala and how they strut their stuff for all and sundry as early as 6pm!

“You know, to open that place here, they had to have a Community Consultation. Disgusting they chose this nice neighbourhood!!!!” he goes on to say.

Amazing, I am thinking. It was located there after community consultations??!!!!! Wow, were there any consultations for Speke Road, First Street Industrial Area. (giggling quietly.)

Explains the Police patrol that goes around roughly about hourly, so it happens here a lot, explains the discipline in this town…you just don’t know when the police is round the corner!!!! Dare run a red light!

But this is how I learned about prostitution in this country. Prostitution is legal. It’s not to be done on the street and all Angels of the Night have identification cards/operating license that attach them to a particular brothel. All are registered with the Police, they pay taxes and most importantly, they are subject to monthly medical checkups. The sick are treated. No prizes for guessing how HIV is controlled in that part of the population. Oh and the ‘operating license’ can be withdrawn from the ‘ladies’ or ‘gentlemen’ of the night!!!

I was astounded by that but I think it’s a lesson worth borrowing. What is your take on this??

By Xyn Ayero


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