How to Stay Fit and Healthy Even When Working in Shifting Schedules


Working in a call center company means working in shifting schedules. Most of the time, the work schedule is always at night time. And that means your biological clock will be altered. As a result, it can cause an impact to one’s health conditions.

In fact, based on some studies more and more call center agents are having weight problems. Alarmingly, the number of obese call center agents are getting higher. But it does not mean you can’t stay fit and healthy even working in shifting schedules. It is just a matter of making adjustments.

Let me share some tips on how to stay healthy even when you’re working on a graveyard shift. *Graveyard shift is any non-standard work schedule in which hours are commonly or always rendered outside the period between 7AM and 6PM.

Tip #1: Always have a good sleep.
– Make sleep a priority. An uninterrupted 7-8 hours sleep is advisable. To have a good sleep, it is helpful to try simulating night-time sleeping conditions. Make the room temperature colder and make the room darker. What I personally do, I use dark colored curtains in my room’s window to make my room darker.

Tip #2: Eat right.
– The digestive system slows down at night that is why night workers should eat light during shift and just eat moderate breakfast. Eat slowly and relax during meals, allow time for digestion. Drink lots of water, keep a bottle of water at your desk.

Tip#3: Exercise.
– Do moderate exercise prior to going to work. A 15-minute eercise is good enough when being done daily. Move around at the office, work around the work area during breaks. Exercise will increase body temperature and will keep you awake. Find a gym buddy to avoid getting bored at the gym.

Tip #4: Avoid Smoking, alcohol and drugs. Smokings weakens your immune system thus, making you more prone to sickness. Alcohol can cause mental problems and may damage your liver in the long run. Drugs can kill healthy cell thus making you look old and ugly.

Tip #5: Stay connected with your loved ones.
– Inform your family and friends about your work schedule. Call home and talk to your loved ones when they are awake. This would be before or after your shift. Set some private time for you and your spouse. Schedule one meal a day with your love ones. Set time for family activities. Moral and emotional support from family and friends will help you cope up with stress and prevent depressions.

Tip #6: Socialize with your co-workers.
– Ask some healthful tips from experienced ones. It’s better to associate with those who can give good influence when it comes to taking care of your health. Absorb positive energy, avoid negative ones.

Tip #7: Take challenges positively and not as a stumbling block. Be open to constructive criticisms and don’t take negative feedbacks personally. Keep an open and positive mind.

Tip #8: Pay attention to general fitness and good healthy habits. Just like this one you’re reading right now. ^_^

Tip #9: Pamper yourself during rest days or at least twice a month. Go to a salon or spa perhaps. Get a massage to release stress and toxins.

Tip #10: Enjoy your work. Learn to love what you’re doing. Remember, our job is about helping customers. It’s not bad after all.

“Shift work is more than a pattern of work, it’s a way of life… It affects the way our body functions… To manage all of this takes a whole life approach… it takes a new lifestyle.”

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