Why male footballers run away from teammates on scoring


Tsup guys, you know the drill! Keba becomes idle, Keba doesn’t like being idle so he does something to keep his mind busy and sometimes the result is a fb note!

So what am I writing about? …nothing I guess!?

ok anyway, I just saw some ladies celebrating a goal in the U-20 Women’s World Cup and all I could see was a generous amount of hi-5’s flying allover the pitch! The people at the bench were even colder! It is as though they lined up to each give the coach a cheerfull hi-5!

This is really a sharp contrast to what happens in the men’s games. It is usually an almost disturbing physical display of emotions. Actually, sometimes it looks as though if you score a goal you get punished for it!

Most times you will have the whole team trying to make you carry all of them on your back, or if you think you are wise and try to run away, the nearest teammate is charged with trying to tackle you to the ground in whatever way possible! They’ll tag on your shirt, grab you by the neck, push you if you are strong and it’s all in the name of celebration? No wonder every goal scorer usually tries to run away from the pitch! It is only that in a football pitch you are completely surrounded. There’s no where to run!

If your teammates don’t do you, the people at the bench will, and if you make it past them, the wrath of over ten thousand happy fans awaits you! A simple risk analysis will tell you that the fan-thing is obviously out unless there’s a barricade to hold them back.
The bench is also tricky because it’s easier to have your whole team on your back than half the over-weight officials doing the same! That explains the running towards the corner flag! Yeah it now makes sense!!!

Oh yeah, some bright chap came up with the dancing trick. I see how it works! You start this weird dance, your teammates join in and when you are done you are probably going to remain with only the risk of suffocation from the  one-minute mega team hug to deal with. Jeeez why didn’t I figure this out earlier? See? …being idle helps at times!

On a completely different note I’d wanted to learn Kiswahili but someone just walked in and all I heard was something like “Kwa sabaabu?” Okay i just might have changed my mind coz that just sounded terrorist-like!

Hey it’s already 15:00Hours. Gotta run! laterzzz……. (is that how they say it nowadays?)


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