I despise my workplace



Just venting…the office where I work is small, but so unprofessional. I am always on the front line so-to-speak, because I am the first person customers talk to when they call in. I’ve been there for over 6 years now, & haven’t had a raise in 5. My boss hates me & throws me under the bus every chance he gets. I know part of the problem is me & my personality aka Aspergers. I don’t get subtle cues…I know I don’t get them, but I can’t talk to him about it because his response is to yell at me & slam his fist down on his desk. Yesterday, our guy who handles service issues wasn’t answering his phone. Now this is nothing new….he’s usually too busy messing with his iPhone, wears ear phones, etc to tune out everything. My boss never gives him a hard time. Nor did he get into trouble for looking at “racy images” at work using his work computer, even though he was blatantly doing it in front of 3 female co-workers. We were all told to avert our eyes if we didn’t like it. I don’t get it. So anyway, people were getting mad because they’d call in to speak to someone about service stuff, & I’d transfer them, & he’d let it roll over to voice mail. Now some of these people had no problem calling in 10-20 times & they hang up if I’m assisting another customer or can’t get to my phone for whatever reason. So my boss tells me to send the next 3 callers over & I did, & he then calls me into the office to rip me a new one. I am beyond frustrated. He never gives me instructions when he’s calm but starts yelling at me & threatens me. I am so fed up with being treated like the bad guy. I am tempted to tell the next customer who complains to me that my co-worker will not be reprimanded nor fired (he’s the golden boy who can literally do no wrong). If he/she wants to get someone fired just for satisfaction that person would be me. I’m the one who will be thrown under the bus. I’m also the only one who gets treated this way….everyone else gets respect. I’ve had other co-workers yell at me too. It’s so bad that it’s affecting my health, my sanity, & my outside relationships. I’d quit, but I don’t have a lot of skills & my people skills suck. It took me a long time to get this job, & it’s going to be even more stressful being that I have tons of competition with people who have better qualifications & better people skills.



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