Congs to Man U fans, Arsenal and Liverpool



To all ARSENAL and LIVERPOOL fans……….Just have a cup of coffee, United fans bambi…stop abusing these poor­ people:-( i know you’ve been feeling like a shitt­ since yesterday plus the heartless Aston Villa, Spurs came over­ and added salt on your wounds today, no europa league 4LVFC,­ no silverware nothing and the future doesnt look too­ bright eh? well i feel ya pain guys trust me. Just­ go ahead and have a spirit that unites us, UG-glass en forget about everything, ease all the pain and stress­ that liverpool fc or Arsenal FC brings into your already sad lives.

i­ know you aint got nothing to be proud of any more as­ you’ve got knocked off your fuckking perch, but hey­ life is still worth living believe me. take a long­ lonely walk sometimes, breathe easy and try to stay­ positive. BBC counselling! LOL


By Joab Tosasiire


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