What does it mean to work from a virtual office?


It means harnessing the resources available via technology and the Internet to conduct a fully functional and thriving business from anywhere at any time!  Instead of an office, a desk, and a leather chair, all you need is cell phone, a laptop and a mobile broadband card.

Many agents ask during our initial phone call, “Evan, where is your office”?  I am careful when I answer. If I say, “I am in Burlington,” the agent’s immediate reaction may be, “that’s too far away,” or “that’s not a convenient location for me.”

In fact, our office is in Burlington; that is, our mail is delivered to Burlington, but I work from a virtual office. That means I am mobile. I am ready to plug in wherever I happen to be.  I have access to all my files, contracts, agent docs, buyer and seller leads in a database housed online in a very dynamic paperless pipeline system. If I am on a public computer, my laptop, my iPhone or iPad, I can work with full access to any resource I might need.  THAT IS VIRTUAL, and at RRG, we will assist you in becoming virtual, too.

“But Evan, won’t I need an office to meet with a client?”  It’s a new world, old friend. Make that meeting happen at DD or Starbucks or Panera Bread. Look around. Everybody’s doing it. And your client will feel more relaxed in a social environment. Do you think anybody misses an unnecessary drive to a stuffy office and the offer of a cup of day-old coffee?

Another definition of a “virtual office” is a computer program that allows agents to meet on-line to confer, share, learn, and enrich. Others do this, by the way, and it is very cool. But the real significance of a “virtual office” is the capability to meet with anyone, to work from anywhere, anytime, seamlessly,


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