How to write a resignation letter


So you are handing in your resignation? Well assuming they do not escort you off the premises straight away, they will probably ask you to hand in your resignation letter.

Clearly you cannot say, “I hated my boss, I was offered more money elsewhere” when writing a letter of resignation! Well, you could, but you would end up burning some bridges.

An example of why you need to write a good resignation letter
You are in a job you hate. Your boss is a tyrant and the pay sucks. So you start looking for another job and after a while of ducking out for interviews, you are made an offer.

Screw the boss. You walk out without a word – you don’t leave a resignation letter.

That’s fine at the time, but a few years down the line, your new employer has expanded and you have been promoted. You are going for a new contract for the firm which will mean big money (and big commission).

You head out to meet your new potential client and who are you faced with? Your old boss, now in charge of a new department/ company/ whatever.

Many careers these days are built and broken on personal relationships, so by writing a letter of resignation when you leave a job can help protect possible future relationships.

In the short term, writing a letter of resignation can ensure you receive a decent reference from your ex-employer.
Writing a letter of resignation can be tough. You are handing in your resignation for a reason – either you don’t like your job or you have be offered a better one.

So it is going to be tough to try and write an amicable letter that won’t anger your boss. A lot of employers do take a personal interest in their staff and can take it as a personal failure if a valued member of staff leaves. Remember, they also have to report to their boss and explain why their team /department/office is a member of staff down.

Your aim should be to create a document which your boss can hold in his / her hand and feel absolved of any blame or fault over your departure.



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