Did Her Looks Get Her A Promotion ?


Darlyne wrote  “I recently got a sort of promotion at my work and excitedly shared this information with a friend who put it down to my being physically attractive. I would like the think the fact that I’m actually good at my job is the reason for my success at work. Am I wrong?”

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Below are some of the replies.

Gimei Nagimesi : You are wrong. I also got promoted at my workplace on account of my looks and sense of style.

Solomon King : Even me I promote people purely on looks. Concordantly, No one has been promoted in almost 4 years. Yeah. I’m evil like that. But seriously, I know Darlyne is very good at her job (attitude + aptitude). The rest is just nugu (Envy).

Stray Bird : Sometimes it all goes down to the looks, but does it even matter? You were PROMOTED, thats what is important!J

Ernest Bazanye : If two people are equally qualified, the advantage is going to be on the one who looks better. But I think the thing is we assume that means the one who is hotter period. I think it’s more general than that. They don’t have to be hotter. Dress better, speak more clearly, look people in the eye and remember their names etc and you get an extra advantage. Abenuggu baveeko, Darlyne. If you qualify for the promotion, you take it and rock. SuperCoffee Buzz ETA seven minutes.

B.N : Darlene’s friend is just plain jealous. Period.

Businge Abid Weere : @BN, she may not be jealous, she may have seen it elsewhere.

B.N :@Abid Would an employer just promote a “blondie”/ “airhead” with no justifi cation??? I think not. There has to be extra something that would catch your employer’s eye, like a brain and the ability to do the job well or and to work hard to earn that promotion. Remember this is a promotion, not an entry level job or an internship. Hotness is an advantage, but a person must have something extra.

Sara Akelly : BN, it also depends on the job description! for things that are mainly paper work n dealin wit ple….. anyone can do! but for technical n professional things like law, engineering, medicine etc….. then ur hotness is an added adv!

Diana Ssali : If you earned and you got it, it’s a no-brainer. The boss has a boss too, and he has to justify the promotion to his boss, so he’s gotta have a reason. Was the promotion a surprise?

Sara Akelly : diana thats unless the promotion came from the main man!

Sozi Daniel Reuben : i swear me i would promote you 4 you looks….looks dazzle & attract clients…then you enter their wallets…

Sara Akelly : tru tru tru! u people, esp these days, no one cares if you gonna do a good job! so look good, get the client, get hired, get the paycheck! when your company makes mistakes u can just go on wit others!

Pumla Nabachwa : I’ll start with answering your question. Yes, beauty and will always be advantageous in the workplace…in any place actually. Truth is, people will always judge u by how u look whether we like it or not. Good looking people will always draw more positive attention. Much as Darlyne may be physically attractive, which maybe (or not) what attracted her superiors in the first place, I’m sure when they got to know her,they realised she was so much more hence the promotion. If its a private company, the boss wud b a douche bag to promote her on looks alone considering she’d have targets and her failure to deliver w’d be his failure and the company’s too. Beauty defi nately opens doors……..its up to you to keep that door open with whats on the inside.Oh and just as a by the way,please tell darlyne to get new friends. Hers are really unsupportive!!!!

Diana Ssali : I’m sure there’s a background story to the conversation with the friend! Anyway, why I was asking if she was surprised is coz you generally know when you’re doing a good job, and when there’s an opportunity for a promotion. So if it just came out of the blue, then I’d be a bit concerned…

Ipsissimus:  Research shows that people who are (conventionally) attractive, well dressed, and well groomed do receive more positive attention from colleagues and superiors. (Often, the latter two will do a lot for the fi rst.) If an executive has a choice of three equally qualifi ed candidates for a promotion, s/he is most likely to choose the most attractive, best dressed, and best groomed. Is it right or wrong? Senior management will assert that they are promoting people who are qualified, because their own effectiveness depends on the competence and productivity of their subordinates. Beyond qualifi cations, they look for people who are “professional,” who will represent themselves and their organization well, who will create positive impressions when giving presentations, etc.

Ferk : Your friend sounds jealous and bitchy. Even if you being attractive affected their initial hiring decision, you likely got the promotion because of being a good worker.

Scrumpert: Life has dealt you a “good looking” card, use it. Better looking people do get better jobs, I think it’s just a fact. I think that a big smile, genuine happy personality and a quick wit make the people attractive too. Does your job include customer relations? Employers like bright shiny people to represent their company. If your being personal and taking care of yourself then your being good at your job. Leave the hard work to those more qualifi ed.



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