They were initially called Saron Gas ( after the deadly nerve gas Sarin gas which was later changed to avoid confusion with the nerve gas ) and have released four studio albums to date.

i have totally identified with their music because of the sincerity of Shaun Morgan’s lyrics. As a musician he is as human as that person who has huge debt, or that person who has been battling depression for ages except in his case he puts all the frustrations are put on paper and the result is a fairly moderate fan base around the world.

Seether is a South African band though they are now based in the U.S.A and are noted for songs like broken (featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence). They are not your average rock band but have stuck to their style of music through and through. The only attempt at a pop derived beat was “Fake It” but the heavy rhythm guitar line that is characteristic of them is distinct.

One of the scenes that had the Joker ( Dark Knight) driving around while bobbing his head to some rock beat with his fellow hoodlums was seether’s “The Falling ” from “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces”.

I was rooting for Shaun’s romance with Amy lee (Evanescence ) to last longer than just the Song “Broken”. Well it did but only for a few months which led to Evanescence’s hit single which was directed at Shaun for going into rehab just after the promotional tour of the Second Album Disclaimer II. This was evident from one song in that album that has Seether singing “they say it’s over, am fine again; so why try to stay sober when it feels like I am dying” (Fine Again).

The song “Sold Me” brought Seether fame after featuring in the movie “the Punisher”. The song’s mysterious presentation talks about music producers deciding the style of music that they want artists to play instead of what the musicians want to produce.

The music producers had their way again when they changed the name of the third studio album from …….. to “Karma and Effect”. This album had The Truth, Remedy ( No. 1 US Rock Charts 2008) and the Gift as its hit singles. “Never Leave”, “Simplest Mistake”, “Tongue”, and “World Falls Away” really pulled their weight for me.

It is only guys who are deep and aren’t afraid to express themselves who use one liners such as “Selfless millionaires won’t take ideas from all the little plebeians” in a song (simplest mistake). In Shaun’s lyrics, one can be able to sing a song and at the same time recite an insightful yet, beautiful poem from most of the songs.

This is one of the few bands whose song writer who is the vocalist (Shaun ) so i think he took the award (yes, mine) with “Rise above this” that was dedicated to his suicidal brother Eugene (RIP). This was done in pure seether style (hard rock base) and all the beats were spot on with Shaun using the rhythm guitar for a change.

One of the promotional tours for “Karma and Effect” had Shaun doubling over in stomach pains and on the brink of cancelling a show. This particular event had Seether set up a stage with candles all over and an acoustic show was held. This acoustic show and subsequent recording of songs resulted into “One Cold Night” which was their “fourth” but live album. On this cold night, the recording of plastic man stood out.

These are one of the few rock musicians that will raise a top 30 list of songs for me because all their songs had a meaning behind them and are deep. I will be quick to warn that they are not for the faintest of heart but if you really want to listen to the lyrics then they are a perfect listen.

By Kalisa Micheal <The writer is a rock fanatic. He cried out blasphemy and went to church to pray when Leone Lewis redid Snow Patrol’s “run ”>


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