Diary of a Disgruntled Cubicle Worker


I’m in Nairobi.
Daniel couldn’t come down this week, something to do with work. The meeting of my parents/discussion about the Facebook episode will have to be put on hold for a while. I hope he’ll be able to come home over the weekend. I wish that I’d told him about it earlier. What if he hears about it through someone else? I can’t tell him over the phone; it has to be a face to face conversation.

I used to hate going to work because I was bored. Now I’m bored and extremely uncomfortable. Carrie is supposed to have left for England but she’s still around. We aren’t on speaking terms. She tried to say hi on my first day back, I gave her the finger and walked past her. I don’t understand why she’s still here, but I am too embarrassed to get the low down from my boss. We have been communicating through e-mails and sticky notes since the kissing episode.

It’s been ages since I’ve updated you on my workmates, here is the KB:

Janice is still in love with Martin and eagerly waiting for Carrie to be on the next plane out of Entebbe. Carrie decided to braid her hair; she had never had braids before and decided to experiment before she left Uganda.They look horrible. There are about 9 braids on her head and her scalp is sunburnt from her extensive boda-ing around town.
Martin spent Monday morning saying it looked great.

The next day Janice came to work with blond braids. She managed to look worse than Carrie, she’s ridiculous.

Martin and Carrie are still sleeping together. She is also sleeping with John in HR and Richard the intern. Martin doesn’t know that his arrangement isn’t exclusive. I’ve debated about telling him, but it would be purely to see Carrie suffer. After what she’s put me through, that’s the least that I should do.

Stinky George hardly comes to the office anymore. He seems to be having serious issues with his wife. I thought that she had seen the pictures on Facebook but Janice told me that it had nothing to do with me. Apparently his wife has been indulging in extracurricular activities with one of the teachers at the international school that their kids are in. They have been in and out of meetings at the school. And I thought I had drama.

I miss Daniel.

Read More from the Writer at http://matookenation.com/ <I wonder if Elton John’s Daniel was playing as this piece was being written>



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