Bucket List : Things to learn


Things I want to learn to do, but learn to do WELL…or just well enough…

* Learn to cook vegan recipes (I’m vegan by nature- allergic to ALL dairy, egg, nut and meat products, so I’d like to eat more than JUST fresh fruits and cooked veggies) EDIT: I started fixing vegan dishes during the Holidays last year (2009), and haven’t really stopped. At some point, I might include a lens with links to the sources I got the recipes from.

* Learn to speak, read & write Hebrew (a Hebrew Studies class sparked my interest)

* Learn to speak, read & write Hawaiian (I just want to)

* Learn to speak, read & write Dutch (because I have two Dutch friends and I’d love to be able to speak to them in their native language instead of them always speaking English with me)

* Learn to speak, read & write Spanish- fluently (I already know some, but I should know it better)

* Learn to speak, read & write French (my dad speaks it nearly fluently and tried to teach me when I was younger, but I refused to learn)

* Learn to speak, read & write German (my grandfather speaks fluent German, & he had an Austrian daughter- my aunt- who passed away recently; I think me speaking German would really surprise & please him)

* Take guitar lessons/Play the guitar (acoustic & electric; above right — Avril Lavigne playing guitar)

* Take drum lessons/Play the drums

* Take dance lessons (specifically in the following genres: hip-hop, contemporary, & ballroom)

* Voice lessons/learn to sing solo (I sang in two choirs over the course of 10 years, but I never did anything solo)

* Take self-defense classes. This day and age, it’s important (especially for kids and single women) to learn how to defend yourself if you’re ever attacked. God-willing it won’t happen, EVER, but you just never know. So I want to learn how to kick anyone’s ass if necessary.

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