Dimwit I am the chef !!!


SO there i was, minding my own business after preparing a spectacularly delicious mouthwatering dish of…. let’s not bother with the name, it will be wasted on you . I was standing in a hidden postion, not in anyones way. Of courcse i couldnt be in anyones way since every body knows that this my spot. They obvioulsy found alternate routes to pass. SO there i was minding my own business, watching the match. It was a waste really , i tknew this team was gonna lose but i had nothing better to do . Had to try and connect with the ordinary man and find out what all the noise was about .

SO there i was , watching my TV at MY restaurant when some idiot starts waving his hands. At first i thought he was signalling a friend but he seemed to looking straight at me. I looked at him closely . he sort of seemed relived when he noticed i had noticed him. But his face did not register in my memory . SO i went back to watching “football.” I personally don’t see the sense of cheering twenty plus grown men as they chase down a little ball. But then again , not everyone has good taste like mine. SO there i was returning to my TV vieiwng when the same idiot started waving his hands again. This time he was joined by his companion. They sort of looked flustered . This time i realised what it was about. This football thing must have drained my mental energies. IT really doesn’t require much brain power to follow. Anyhow i finally realized that they had tasted my genius and wanted to acknowledge the king. But why wouldnt thye come over and pay me proper homage? They must be too blown away to trust their knees.

Since i had nothing better to do . Cancel that. Farting in a church would be something better than watching this football stuff. I actually switched off the screen to save the people in the restaurant. I heard a few people groan and shout in relief. Suprisingly it was the men with beer. Seems beer doesnt have that much negative effect on brain power.

So i walk over to these gents and they looked …. angry. Strange.Maybe joy metamorphed into anger. Anger that they can’t even dream about cooking as well. Well , its an art and comes naturally . Obvioulsy these gents were not as blessed. I reach their table and bow my head as i wait for the effusive praises to flow.

“Darn right!!” the first one bellows, “you should bow your head in shame!!!”

Suprised i look up !! Shame!! of course , i should have stayed in my corner and they come to me!

Seeing the look on my face , the fella continued,

“Can you believe this waiter – “

WAITER !! the scumbag thinks i am a waiter!!I can’t stomach such an insult!!


As i lay here in my hospital bed, i can’t believe the lout had the nerve to punch me back when i attempted to discipline him. Waiter!! the shame!!!


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