Shopping for a war


For some weird reason , a lot of people went to supermarkets and stocked up like World War 3 was around the corner.  I say weird because there had been no serious election violence during the campaigns and unlike the previous two elections , the winner of this round was quite clear.  The advisory from the police <allegedly> which seemed to be written by someone with a siege mentality did not ease matters. So on election day i was surprised to find myself in a supermarket stocking up in rations.

I had been ambushed by a friend who had lived through the last major countrywide war and was busy dredging those memories <good old nostalgia>. May be that forced to  think of how i would survive if it came to war. I checked my pocket and i had a little cash . Checked my shoulder and there was a bag packed and ready to go . SO what would i need is i were stuck in my house for days on end. Gas canister was all up and full hence energy needs for 30 days were catered for. Now what to put on the shelves!!

Biscuits of course. If i am to die , i want to die with a biscuit at hand.<the war veteran called me spoilt for that choice> Before you start smirking , consider that my war weathered friend was busy picking out Salami and Sardines <his rationale: they are good with bread.> Then i threw in Maize flour commonly known as posho. Great for porridge. Some baking flour , great for chapatis,spaghetti too . My companion picked out noodles also .

As we were leaving , security agents rushed in and ordered the whole mall closed. My comrade in war supplies looked back and sighed, “I should have got some biscuits. “


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