How to Interview While Working a Full-Time Job

Make sure you don’t get caught sneaking out

Looking for a job while you currently have one can be tricky, especially depending on the industry and organization that you work in. Discretion is key as you do not want your current employer to get wind of your plans. Besides the obvious no-no’s such as:

Do not print out job descriptions on the general office printer

Do not print copies of your resume and cover letter at work

Do not let anyone see you perusing external job boards

There are a few more tips that one should keep in mind when they’ve reached the next step in the job-hunting process – the interview. Below are 5 tips that one should keep in mind:

Schedule interviews before work or after work.

Most companies are more than willing to work around your schedule. Schedule early morning interviews or late afternoon appointments in order to keep red flags down.

If the organization you work for has a casual dress policy, keep your interview clothes in a gym bag and change off-site before your interview.

Change in the fitting room of a nearby retail store or if you have a friend that works in the area, change at their office and leave your gym bag with them. Should you change in a fitting room, be sure to give the fitting room attendant a heads up. (This writer has been known to at times walk into a retail store in one outfit and out with another without a word to anyone– usually people are too busy to really notice.)

Take a vacation or personal day and try to schedule as many interviews on that day as possible.

If you are able to schedule an interview a few days in advance, immediately give your employer a heads up that you would like to take some time off.

Take phone-interviews away from the office in a quiet place, not at your cubicle or in your office.

While looking for a new job you don’t want to sacrifice a chance at losing your current one. You do not want someone walk by and overhear your conversation so have them off-site.

If need be, use simple excuses such as a doctor’s appointment in order to sneak away for an hour or two.

Elaborate lies or excuses can get messy and possibly cost you your current job. Should an interview take longer than expected, be sure to stay back in the office to make up the time missed.


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