Mr. Mind and Miss Heart


Let’s lay all the cards on the table now. Mr. Mind and Miss Heart, please take your seats.

I will say first, am not here to quarrel or convince, but only to reason; so that we may not part in arms. We are all reasonable here and do not have to give assurances like thieves. Let’s make parley and set things straight.

I asked them, “Of the two of you, who am I to follow?”
Soft spoken, Miss Heart spoke first, reasonable, ever pliant, and always soft spoken.
“We must learn to co-exist, in a trine if you may. I know I have caused you much heart ache. Believe me I know .For the pain starts from me when you ache. Rather than the empathetic feelings of Mr. Mind, mine are sympathetic. Remember sympathy is different from empathy in that to be empathetic one understands how the person feels rather than actually experiencing those feelings as in sympathy. To alienate yourself from me would change you. You would trade for your pain voidness, nullity and a want of substantiality”.

“Enough of this melodic, clever, sentimental use of words.” Mr. Mind interjects, straight to the point without being rude or insulting. “He is in pain because of you, a waste because of you. A trine you said. That’s three right? His continuous submission to your endurances is killing him and without him we are nothing. WE CEASE TO EXIST!”

“Ms. Heart you are being too modest. We can fore see things together. Why get him into a hurt situation if you can avoid it. Why consent to the charms and the yearns? Why get drawn? Why pretend to be of the same mind or opinion? Why give in to this strong often melancholy desire? Instead let’s read behind the velvet lies and fake smiles. GET IN. GET OUT!”

And then she spoke, as always soft spoken, far seeing, awash with common sense, so direct from the heart of the matter.
“Because you will never find it if you don’t try! You are trying to mix the two, fear and hurt. Always listen to fear but never be ruled by it. Fear is like a cowardly friend. His advice is not always wrong,but given the chance he will drag you down to the pit he dwells in. Sorrow is constant companion to the regretful. You now carry in you a hardened heart and soul. It is a part of life, a part of growth.Sometimes even the purest and even most holy carry it. You cannot root it out. All you can do at best is to prevent it from growing. And with time you’ll find that even fate has a twisted sense of humor.”

By Roger Kataama <the writer has had serious chats with the heart and mind. Unfortunately agreements only last until the next incident >


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