I know the crickets sang for me

It was time to get to work. Lately, I find myself keeping busy24/7. Work is not just going to office. Work is bathing, making breakfast, cleaning my room (yes, at six in the morning!) All of this comprises work in my little soon to be workaholic life.
On completion of the above duties, after my daily rigorous shower upstairs, I usually proceed back downstairs to resume the work of dressing up. However, for the strangest of reasons, I did not do that today. I opened a door I do not usually open and stepped out onto our spacious family balcony. I crossed the length of the balcony, and placed my hands against the banister as though for support, and I stood still.
It was still dark. The moon was just starting to reluctantly pave way for the eager sun.
At that moment, the creatures of the night and the day poured out in a burst of song. As though bidding good night and good morning to each other. The crickets vigorously rubbed their legs against each other, and the birds chirped back with as much strength as melody would permit.
I listened to their song, and it was a beautiful sound to listen to. The chilly fresh air was a beautiful thing to breathe. The departing moon was a sight to behold, and the promise of the sun a joy to look forward to.
Against nature’s rules, the crickets refused to stop singing. Their sound filled the air as the sun was rising, and even after it had declared its masterhood over the sky.
Call me crazy, but I refused to leave that balcony until the sound of the crickets had died away. What you think, you are, many say.
And I would like to think the crickets were singing for me.
By Lindsey Kukunda
<the writer has an understanding with nature. Reminds me of that stupid scene in MIB2 when Will Smith tells the princess :”its rains because you are sad “>


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