I Hate Ignorance……Please Say Goodbye!


It’s the summer, and I work for an airline, therefore time is not something I have a lot of. I do try to fit in the odd post inbetween flights and nights out! Ha ha!

Today my chosen subject is ignorance.

I’ve never been under the illusion that every single passenger will respect the job I do. In fact, one of my colleagues shared a story with me recently. Whilst saying goodbye to 150 passengers, my Flight Attendant friend said goodbye to a young teenager. The little girl chose to ignore my colleague, and it was put down to shyness.

The real reason was much worse, and almost unbelievable. Her mum was following on behind and said the following to my colleague;

I’ve taught my daughter not to speak to the servants

If this was said to me I think I would have found it very hard to contain my anger. There is no need for such rudeness! That little girl is going to turn into a horrible woman – and it will be her parents fault…

Anyway, I digress.

There is nothing worse than being ignored. When I say goodbye to someone it is nice to get a response but, unfortunately, we don’t always get one. It angers me that I can look after someone for 2 hours, ensuring they are safe as well as comfortable, and not even get a thank you, or a goodbye.

If you are a passenger, PLEASE do not ignore us! I’m begging you. I can’t be the only one that gets upset by this, or am I?

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