How to Catch grasshoppers part 1


Grasshoppers are a delicacy in Uganda. Yes , they are eaten . In various forms i must add. Fired, boiled , roasted , some eat them raw. In order to eat them , you have to catch them. Shockingly there some people in the world who catch grasshoppers to study them . We shall come back to those food wasters later. Lets concentrate on those who know what to do with them .

Extensive research has shown that grasshoppers are easy to catch , sorta , if you have the right equipment . What you need

a > A lot of light

b> Drums, lots of them

c> Iron sheets , lots of them

d> Nightfall


1. During the day , set your drums facing upwards on  relatively flat surface.

2. Add your iron sheets to the top of drums such that anything that lands on the sheets will slide and end up in the drum. Imagine you are doing rainwater harvesting without the rain or water

3.Position your light above the drums but close to the edge of the iron sheets

4. Get more iron sheets and enclose your drums to keep out scavengers

5. Wait for night fall

6.Wake up , night fall is here . Switch on your lights and watch as the grasshoppers tumble into the drums

you see grasshoppers love light but can’t hover for long . Hence they will be attracted to your light and then settle on your iron sheets to rest. And down will they slide into your drums. As they lay there stunned, more of their friends will join them at the bottom and you will have a small hill of grasshoppers.


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