Have you noticed that my article never has a title? How fair is that? All the other articles have titles, and then you get to the idler’s corner and… (ok, now seriously, why would anyone be playing loud music at 8:00 in the morning? You need to ease yourself into the day, not wake up to “there’s something about you girl that turn me on…” “artiste” (yes, I mean the quotes) can’t even speak English right and he insists on singing in the language, dude, even poetic license does have its limits!!) Interestingly enough it is a chic singing along to “something about you girl that turn me on…” think she’s trying to say something, don’t you? Maybe I should go find out) Ok, I know I was saying something that had nothing to do with music being played early morning, that’s just some random human being who side tracked me… now what was it…? Pretty sure it will come to me soon, (seriously!! Who listens to dancehall in the morning? That sun is still sleepy!! Or is that the point? Wake it up with a bang? Well, I’m rooting for the rain), eh, even the slight idea I had has now eluded me. Next time I suppose, in the meantime; the phrase “five foot giant” just popped into my head the other day (well, yesterday to be exact, but seeing as it is not today, technically it is the other day (these bracket thingies are distracting)), ok, fine I know why it came to mind, something to do with looking at a giant rosary while not quite under the influence (of good hospitality, not that other thing, yes, I know what you’re thinking, that’s not it, that shot of red label had nothing to do with… okay Brian, slowly now, open mouth, insert foot, good, that should keep you quiet for a bit)

But think about it, a five foot giant would be a lovely villain (not a hero, uh uh, those guys have it too easy, what with always having just the right amount of luck to scrape through), while we’re on the subject of heroes and villains, have you noticed how the bad guy never ever wins? Ok, yeah, every once in a while Lex will have that evil smile on his face and you’ll be thinking ‘yes, yes, finally that sop Clark gets it!’ but no, that idiot will somehow manage to accidentally win at the end of it all, and I do mean accidentally, and that’s not the worst of it, well, I’d say look at Aizen and Ichigo, but clearly only a few people would get it, you could use Google I suppose, but eh, too many hero worshipers out there, you’d be looking at Ichigo through rose tinted glasses and at Aizen through… well, something that makes him look bad, rose tinted glasses actually work in this case!! Yes, that made sense to me, don’t complain.  I mean, seriously, the evil witch chic in power rangers basically has one power “make my monster grow!!” and it does, just before it’s smashed into pulp by the apparently “mighty morphin power rangers” wonder who even came up with the name. I mentioned Clark Kent already right? The dude wears his underpants on top of his clothes and he has the smarts to beat Lex? Nah uh, that’s one pie I’m not buying (well, you have to admit the guy has guts to actually be out in public dressed like that.)

oh yeah, the lord of the rings actually does have a five foot hero (not a giant unfortunately) but who is he going up against? Sauron is just a big ugly eye!!
Sooner or later the mighty hero has got realize that and proceed to roll on the floor laughing, probably squishing the “Dark one of Mordor” the process (come to think of it, what would an eye want with the ring? He can’t exactly wear it!) (on another side note, I just asked someone here who their favourite bad guy is, you know, the dude you love to hate, and she said “Superman” just goes to prove my point, yes, that would be the chic attempting to sing along to dancehall in the morning.)

Brian B . Coutinho <The writer has a poor sense of music. Everybody knows that you have to wake up to dancehall and rock music otherwise you wont get out of bed. >


  1. seriously, brian, you have to be beyond idle to compose something this distorted. It’s like a dream one can’t really remembers but still fits bits into it to have it make sense…..
    But seriously, what’s wrong with you???


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