Perhaps more distracting than any other workplace attitude is that of the employee who never seems to set his or her bag down. For some workers, certain jobs are temporary. They never intend to stay long and they know
something better is on the horizon, even if their employer is unaware of their agenda. While that approach might be appropriate in some circumstances — and you never want to assume that any job is the last one you’ll take because
you don’t know what the future holds — don’t live in that mentality.
For one thing, your boss and co-workers might get a sense of your fleeting mindset and treat you accordingly. If you never personalize your workspace or only talk about your future with the company in hypotheticals, they’ll question your commitment. Do they want to give you a project or promote you if you seem to have one foot out the door already?
For your own sake, allow yourself to consider the possibility that your job has a lot to offer. Even if you don’t want to stay there forever, let your mind relax by accepting the fact that you can see yourself in that position a year or two from now. You’ll be surprised how stressful always being on the move is. Plus, you might realize you were closing off opportunities for personal and career growth by keeping yourself primed to leave at any minute. If another job eventually comes your way, you can weigh the pros and cons of taking
it – when you’re faced with the decision, not because you’re always looking for it.


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