Teachers are smarter than you


Today’s post is supposed to be directed at new high school students, but it really applies to all  students.

Lesson: Teachers are smarter than you.

I know, I know. You’re pretty sure that’s wrong. After all, if someone you already know has inferior intelligence and wisdom tells you she is smarter, it’s certainly inadmissible testimony.

While there may be little I can say to convince you, consider the following:

We were your age once, too. No matter how long ago it was, no matter how “different things were back then”, much about being a teenager stays the same. The difference now is, we have the experience of being a teenager, plus several more years! During those added years, we’ve been surrounded by further teenagers (your older peers) who also pulled the same crap. Some of us even have teenaged children.

We know what you’re doing. We know what you just went off and did. And we know what that word means.

Many times you will get away with it. When teachers do not acknowledge that particular “bad thing” you did, it’s because we’re choosing to ignore it. We choose our battles. It’s one of the things we learned in those years spent after being teens, ourselves. Don’t worry, you’ll learn it one day too.

Keep in mind, whatever it was you just “got away with” will be remembered. You may not have gotten in trouble for it today, but teachers will be judging you later because of it. We could be thinking about it for the rest of the course — when we mark your tests, when we write your report card, and when you ask us for some favour down the road.

We might even blog about it.

The Writer is a teacher . Read More from her at http://smartypantss.blogspot.com/


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