Foolish geeks on chat


The first comp erotic chat.
It started with a forwarded sms…

Boy: “Daddy? How did I come into this world?”
Dad: “listen carefully. Mom and Dad met each other in a cyber cafe. In the restrooms of that cyber cafe, Dad connected to Mom. Mom at that time made some downloads from Dad’s memory stick. When Dad finished uploading we discovered we did not use a firewall. Since it was too late to cancel or delete, nine months later we ended up with a virus”

photo credit: “Geek girl on the bedroom” by: Liberoliber

Geek Girl: maybe someday you will have to use this for an answer too. hehehe when your kid ask
Geek Guy: hope that dad is allowed to upload more! because the memory capacity of mom is endless hehe
Geek Girl: well as long as mom’s cache is not loaded
Geek Guy: tssk!
Geek Girl: well mine isn’t loaded. and you just need to click refresh
Geek Guy: white as the google start page i give hehe
Geek Girl: well hmm.. should i disable my firewall then? but still think we need the anti-spyware. dont want others to watch us
Geek Guy: hope at least one program more is made. with my input and your transforming caring attention it must be a wonderful product
Geek Girl: mmm yes and not a virus
Geek Guy: but we sure need fans! to prevent overheating… imagine how much damage that can cause
Geek Girl: ohh yeah and especially when we tend to be so hot. might overheat. and a fuse might explode!
Geek Guy: yeah! so open your drive babe
Geek Girl: ohh love to feel the explosions inside
Geek Guy: let me fill it with a full cd
Geek Girl: no need to click a button? maybe that button is waiting to be touched by those fingers
Geek Guy: no time to waste lets startup! read my cd honey or scan it with your hot beam…
Geek Girl: ohhh i feel your cd circling inside mmmm
Geek Guy: lazer my numbers..
Geek Girl: 10111010101110101010001010111
Geek Guy: read my 1 and 0 and hummm then you feel they match as my numbers, harmony with your warm inside reader
Geek Girl: its all penetrating from my 0 and your 1
Geek Guy: but i haven’t injected you yet my ink is still in the cartridge. let me print that white paper
Geek Girl: well don’t spill the ink on the hardware
Geek Guy: dont stop caressing the inject mouth it might get full
Geek Girl: ohh i wont stop. mixing the ink so deep cant wait to taste that white product
Geek Girl: mmmm and how i love that on button its red. and i can hear the bzzzzzzttt bzzzzzttt of the printer now
Geek Guy: i love to caress that shiny warm round light. sometimes you almost see the fingerprints
Geek Girl: you tickle me
Geek Guy: i make my finger moist and rub it. i hear the fan hummm and hummm
Geek Girl: don’t stop and the screen flashes its hyper-threading seven times faster than non-HT
Geek Guy: as you take that stick in, and suck all its info out of it
Geek Girl: slooow downloads fast uploads. well I’m dial up and your DSL thats why. but let it hang a bit. love to feel the warmth inside while it stops.
Geek Guy: still we have such a perfect connection
Geek Girl: and after a few seconds move your cursor up touch my red X. click the X babe its still there.. it hang so click it some more
Geek Guy: oooh babe let me give all the data i have
Geek Girl: double click while your uploading
Geek Girl: xxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxx
Geek Girl: 90% complete now… mmmm 92.. 94
Geek Girl: mmmmmm 96 cummminnn
Geek Girl: 99%
Geek Girl: oohhh Over heat! beep beep beep!
Geek Guy: release data. circuits vibrating. fans on topspeed
Geek Girl: now time to save
Geek Guy: a blanc hard disc space is filled now. let me stay a while, my role is out you do the translation now
Geek Girl: no time for blue screens. and drive is opening to let the cd out
Geek Guy: or an erased HD, now even windows will work on me again
Geek Girl: safely remove hardware now. oh, it’s wet!
Geek Guy: ooooh leaking valubale data be careful. let me plug out
Geek Girl: then time to lick those.. no data should be wasted
Geek Guy: time to turn the switch. but i really hope we are connected soon again!
Geek Girl: well we can reconnect now.. download a second time
Geek Guy: let me put a safe cover over the comp to protect it against dust and dirt. i still feel that warmth.. in my box
Geek Guy: what you didn’t know i read your disc too i installed a little secret program that transfered valuable info about your circuits
Geek Girl: so now that secret program might grow in a few months time?
Geek Guy: i can monitor your moves how you tread things. but i hope my data result in that!
Geek Girl: well don’t worry I’ll take care of the data with all my power supply and protect it with the best anti-virus from Cnet
Geek Guy: I know! but be sure to put the comp off now and then to much other programs running could slow the growth of more valuable programs
Geek Girl: ohh i wont multi-task too much if thats needed! and no porn sites for you that has pop-ups. its gonna disturb the growing program
Geek Guy: you have the sweetest motherboard thats for sure! all those sweet connections those various thingies which i don’t know the english name for… but its all in one perfect harmony

And the file transfer was unqueued the second time…
short circuits.
system overload.

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