A day in a forced housewife’s life


Not much has been going on.  I was sick all last week, and now this deep cough won’t stop.

Yesterday was Monday – my bathroom.  I windexed the mirror, toilet top and seat, under the seat, and cleaned my caboodles.  One of them holds rollers and the other one has been empty for awhile and is now being used, or will be used, in my craft room.

Today, not so much.  Did actually get up and make it to exercise on time.  Oh yeah, kettlebell classes at church have started thanks to my friend Darcey.  She’s been doing kettlebell for awhile and is sharing her time and dvd’s.  What a workout.  Best one I’ve ever had.  I’ve done step aerobics, aerobics of the late 80’s, … hmmm…and worked out at a gym.  But what sabotages me is me.  I still always ate too much or too much bad stuff.  Can’t say I’m eating much better, but no junk food this week.  I’ ve had one Wendy’s Crispy chicken sandwich, that’s the 99 cent one.  Even eating some cereal, too.  Drinking way too much Sunny D.  With the cough and throat wanting to be sore, it tastes so good.

Job hunting – that’s where it gets scary.  My husband mentions how it should be easier for people like me with a skill to get a job.  Unlike him, looking for an ordinary job where there are no factories and the carpet mills 60 miles away aren’t really hiring.  I got news for you.  It’s hard, it’s discouraging.

Thanks for listening.

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