The Cuddlers


You’re standing there; that song comes on, the beat slowly takes you over, you start tapping your feet. You tap your feet some more; then you hear your favourite part, your body moves to the rhythm, your hands form a guitar and start strumming it. Your hands form drumsticks and start hitting;
your hands form the saxophone and start gearing it, your hand forms a microphone and you mime all the high notes and incredulous growls. Slowly you build up to the all conquering song finale, the crowd goes wild, you take
a bow and the crowd shouts even more.

You are the star. You are THE CUDDLERS, air banders!!!.

The Cuddlers is a group of ten professionals who have taken to the front of the
new wave of air banding. Air banding is a form of dance and movement in which the performer pretends to play different instruments including vocals. It could be described as a more complex and coordinated form of miming. The beauty about air banding is that you don’t actually have to know how to play an instrument; you just have to be good at pretending to play it. In fact only one member of the Cuddlers knows how to play an instrument. The Cuddlers was formed in august 2009 by a group of creative imaginative wild young professionals who feel there is more to leisure than just bars and parties. The group is made up of nine guys and one lovely lady. It is a diverse mix of a graphic designer, an IT security officer, a programmer, a call center manager, a lecturer, and IT consultants. The group originally started out as just that, a group of friends who just wanted to print t-shirts with their names and the group name. Within a few hours however, due to the incessant rock music playing in the background at that time, and with everyone miming along or playing an air instrument, two of the group members decided to turn it into an air band.

The Cuddlers prefer to look at this as a hobby rather than a career and even though they meet regularly to play some songs, they have actually never played any venue…not that it bothers them. They believe with time the air banding theme that they have pioneered will catch up in Kampala. Their name is in tribute to every ones instinct to embrace something true in this case, music that moves the soul. the band includes members who play different instruments like drums, guitars, piano, trumpet as well as lead and back up vocals.

Members are Muhinda Aaron(co-founder)- lead vocals, Wasukira Gibson-writer/vocals, Mukwaya Brian-Piano, Lwanga James-trumpet ,Komukama Darlyne-tambourine/vocals/costume designer ,Sekikubo Michael-bass guitar/vocals ,Okura Joe-rhythm guitar/vocals, Bwire emma-acoustic guitar
,Kinene Jason(co-founder)-drums Ssemakula Brian and Abigaba Godfrey-sometime managers 🙂


  1. hey,now this is something coming out of the cuddlers and its impressive. i remember asking Aaron whether this whole thing would ever kick off and all he ever said was, ‘just wait and see’. Air banding? sounds like a crazy idea but as long as its working for you guys, dive right in and shake the crowd!Rock rules!!!
    m/ Purps


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