A’Level Results


Even after four years, I’m still affected. In my family, we are all assumed to be bright. But we know better. Some of us are the ‘bright’ of having the potential to open up your own company in your field of study, and the rest, it’s for doing what you love and what you consider to be your calling, being a people person, and hoping that gets you to the top.

Now one may ask; how is this determined?
Ans: A’Level exams. You can fail O’Level and blame it on the teachers who taught in an excuse of English, but when it comes to A’Level, you have to deliver. How do you determine delivery? There is only one clear answer. You get government sponsorship. This can be done in many ways.
i) You get maximum points and appear in newspapers

ii) You do science related courses; the country fails, so with your ‘average’ results, you still get government sponsorship

iii) You bribe an LC in a remote district somewhere so you get into the quota system, thus government sponsorship

If you don’t deliver, you can at least half deliver. Get a good professional course on self sponsorship that will automatically determine a bright future in the payee’s eyes. All this is supposed to be easy, unless of course you are the exception. You fail O’Level, pass A’Level in relation to some of your family members but fail to get government sponsorship for a professional course because of poor application, fail to get in through quota system due to utter refusal to bribe, miss the other professional course on private by 0.1, miss the same course at another university because they are not admitting foreigners that year, despite the fact that you aced their tests, and thus you settle for a course that only the people studying it understand the importance.

When this happens, there is only one thing to look forward to…… A’Level results. Not yours, but those of the one that comes after you. You spend sleepless nights not praying for failure, but rather for consolation. You pray that the family will at least have two ‘people persons’. So when I am woken up with a phone call that the last born has excelled and even made it into the newspapers, you cannot begin to imagine the trauma. The loss of hope, the re-beginning of self pity, the..the.. the.. please allow me go dry my eyes while I try to digest the issue at hand!

Sara AKelly <the writer is still suffering from nightmares of her A’Level results>


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