Does it get better?


There is a high profile campaign going in the the western world to reduce suicide tendencies among gay kids who are victims of bullying . It has even attracted videos from Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.  I wholeheartedly support this campaign to reach out to victims of bullying. The project should include all people who suffer with bullying everyday in all aspects of life for all reasons including gender , race, colour , social position , shape , accents, backgrounds , disabilities, size etc

Bullying in my view is worse than murder because it kills a person’s soul , bit by bit by bit by bit until there is nothing left . Bullying damages the victim’s self esteem to such an extent that they end up either killing themselves or killing someone else. It produces a vicious cycle of bullying where the victim lashes out to those weaker than them in various aspects.

A man beating his kid and wife. A kid hitting the siblings. A boss lashing out at an employee repeatedly. An employee torturing the interns.  A politician messing up his stuff . A caretaker mistreating his wards. A person killing small animals. A thief assaulting his hapless victims.  Soldiers beating up their surrendered prisoners.

All these may be results of bullying.  When someone hits out at you , the natural instinct is to hit back . If the person is more powerful than you , you   obviously  refrain. And search for someone weaker than you.  Worse (?) still , the pain and anguish hits at you and you decide to kill yourself in order to shut everything out.  The thought of reaching out to someone else for help is suppressed due to pride or shame . The victim often suffers alone. And that pain builds up and kept inside for the rest of their life. This festers like a bad wound that doesn’t heal . And it will come out in various ways over time.

Allow me to share with you two songs from Soul-tress Houston . One song “I look to you ” expresses a person who is down and yearning for help from someone else. the singer recognizes one’s own fundamental weakness and need for help from someone else. The other song “I didn’t know my own strength” is an almost opposite . It showcases  a human being’s core strength which allows one to pick themselves up even from the worst situations and soldier on.

Does it get better? Maybe it does . By reaching out to others , by accepting any help offered, by accepting yourself , by forgiving your bully , by pitying your bully , by reaching out to yourself. It will get better. And taking your life or someone else’s should not be the answer.


  1. What is this? Bullies anonymous? lol. But seriously, bullying aint about to go away. I think its one of those things that will forever stay with humans just like prostitution, backstabbing, idolatry and corruption! it is here to say!


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