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Ugh, had a feeling I’d forgotten about something. Arse. Apologies to anyone who has been regularly checking this blog for an update, I can offer no excuse except sheer cackheadedness and laziness.

Anyway, on checking a post over at the rather excellent Waiterrant.net on tipping, a few thoughts sprung to mind and I felt maybe I should let them out.

As all fellow Brits, and Scots especially will know, there isn’t much of a tipping culture here. We tip, sure (sometimes) but certainly nothing to the level that those crazy North Americans do. If someone gives you bad service at a restaurant, you should only tip 15%? If I receive bad service at a restaurant, then they can rest assured that their tip will be somewhere around the 0% mark. Don’t get me wrong – if I do receive good service then I am very happy to tip, although admittedly nowhere near the 20% mark. On holiday in Eastern Europe I frequently left no tip thanks to the complete lack of service my friends and I received in some restaurants. To the people who say “You should tip them even if they give bad service, they rely on it” I say “Then bloody well serve people like you’re relying on it.”

Moving into my sphere of influence, the lovely bookies, we do occasionally get a tip (if that’s an appropriate choice of word) when punters win big. My biggest tip to date has been £25, which is not too shabby. It came from winnings of £13,000 (the punter that tipped is one of the biggest, if not the biggest punters in the area (and by big I mean moneywise, not size)) so what percentage is that? 0.19% ! I certainly wouldn’t mind a 20% tip on every payout, that would be awesome. Hell, I’d settle for a 1% tip on every payout. Given that on average we payout around £2,000 a day, would mean a very tidy £20 every day, which would pay my lunch, dinner and travel expenses. Leaving money for beer! I may be a tight student but there’s honestly no tip too small. (Well, less than a £1 is pushing it but it would add up!). For instance, a punter won £50, gave me £3 and said “Get yourself a drink with that.” I then split the £3 between the other two staff, leaving me with a quid. But it paid my bus home, and to me, that’s still a little bonus. Unfortunately, punters are on the whole very unwilling to part with money, as they put enough over the counter already. Which is fair enough, I suppose. They don’t know how little of it goes into our pockets though!

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