Liar!! i Aint that good


For the last three months, I’ve been working so much I just haven’t had time to think about this place. So I’m gonna blow away the cobwebs, and get back to my good self, and the people.

There are times I wonder why I do this job, and none more so than this past week, and it’s fitting that I return to you now.

Being a special, I do this for free, I can do the job, all be it without the 12 weeks training, however as I found out at the beginning of the week, I’m obviously not good enough to get paid for it!
This comes as some what of a shock when so many people already in the job are telling me that I’m doing a good job, that I’m a good bobby. So I can put it down to only a couple of things:

1) They’re all lying and this is some kind of Truman Show with me being Truman and all those guys acting out some kind of alternate world for me.
2) Whilst I’m able to complete a witness statement for a burglary and put together a file for court, I’m unable to complete the most basic of application forms.
3) The person who’s deciding the fate of many of the applicants future lives is no more than a guy in an office with a marking sheet, not taking into account any real life experience one has, merely looking for the answer, and ticking or crossing.

I’m relatively sure the first isn’t the case, however how would i know!? The second is possible, and having spoken to a few people at work, my examples could have been a little better. And the third … well I have a feeling I might have hit the nail on the head.
I’ve put my life for the last 9 months into this job, and this is the response I get.

Thanks to a few good friends in the job, I didn’t tell them to shove the past 9 months along with their application form so I’ve spent the last week on duty as much as possible, as I know that I wouldn’t have returned if I hadn’t.

Right, that’s enough of a rant from me, I’ll be returning with some stories, theories and banter soon.

Reg <The Writer is a law  officer in training >

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