Sir, my balls!!!


Sir , i know this is a delicate time to bring this up but you have to forgive me. When i got onto your contraption and told you i was in a hurry, i did not mean for you to get me there in peace or pieces –

No i do not know Peace. she is not my friend.  Sir , there is this thing called biology that they tortured me with in school and –

Yes, sir. I sort of guessed you hadnt gone that far . Allow me to explain. Like i was saying , in biology they taught us about human testes which –

No i am not adding you extra. we already discussed that . Like i was saying , the male human testes are special in that – . No i dont mean tests. I mean testes. gonads. repro-

No i am not abusing you. Please restart the engine and we continue, i am already late. Testes are the human reproductive sacs that keep your –

Sacs sir, not sacks. uummm, lets just say they are sacks in the body. Like i was saying , they keep your sperm . and the ones for –

Sperm you …. not perm. Why would you have perm down there ? It is incon –

Down there is what i am trying to explain to you . Now shut up and listen . Why are you –

I am sorry , i did not mean to abuse your shirt.  Restart and drive on. The male human testes are located –

No. Ok. yes, down there but listen. They are free-

Of course i am lecturer and i know what i am talki- If you must ask , i got an E in biology which is –

It represents marks. They range from A to Z. the closer you are to A , the better. I was saying human testes called balls are –

Not footballs. Balls. Thats what it is called. Those two things swinging down there are called –

No i am not being immoral. Its education. its taught –

Yes , your children are told these things in class which is –

Yes even taught about the female ones which are locate- .

No they are not spoiling them. They are educating them . LISTEN !!! Please restart the engine , i will not shout at you again . No i will not add some money. Like i was saying , the balls are free swinging hence when you hit humps or potholes at a huge speed , my balls are banged against your bike and that causes pain at –

I wear boxers , recommended by doctors wolrdwide as –

Tight underwaer may solve the problem but it <at this point we thankfully arrive at my destination >…. Know what , here is your money . Forget the whole darn thing !!!



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