Ugandan President Rap song goes viral


TO launch his campaign , the Ugandan President Gen. Yoweri K. Museveni pulled a cat out of his bags of tricks : A rap song.  The 66 year old political veteran suprised many and caught his opponents unawares when he grabbed the mic at his party’s concert on 23rd october and did a freeflow. The rap nearly two minutes long is in Runyakore , his native tongue and english.

President Museveni the rapper

Clips of the song entitled “You want another rap” have so far been forwarded to thousands of emails in the East African region and shared on countless facebook profiles.  The region has over 3 million active facebook users.

The song has also been released as a single and is seen as an attempt to capture the youth vote in the Presidents bid for a fourth term in office. The election is seen as a litmus test for multi-party politics in the country.


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