The Shrink is In


By Raymond Kukundakwe

I have spent much of this year trying to understand life and death and making a choice as to what they should mean to me. I think all human beings should engage in an attempt to comprehend the meaning of Liberty, because sadly while many of us may think we are free, our minds are still shackled by the indoctrination we endure as children..

Life, has no meaning. No. There is no one above the sky, at least, we haven’t met anyone up there yet. . I am sorry to report that despite whatever fantasies we may have as regards our importance in the universe, we are nothing more than a bunch of primates in the process of evolution.

Those of us predisposed to scientific fact will know that as far as humanity is concerned, the earth is about 4 billion years old, the universe, a staggering 13 billion years old. By the most conservative estimate, that of Sir Francis Crick of the DNA fame, humanity has been around for approximately 100,000 years at the most. The palaeontologists, the people who comb the pages of time trying to piece together what the earth has been like through the ages, report that over 90% of the species of life that have ever lived are no more. Those who study the stars have brought irrefutable evidence that our earth is an infinitesimal speck in the vast mystery that is the universe. The evidence is strong that the sun, the very thing that makes life possible on earth will die in a couple of billion years from now. Biologists say that the species that will watch our sun die will be as different from us as we are from amoeba.

Truly appreciating these facts should be enough to humble even the most egomaniacal bastard on the planet. The message from history is simple; we must evolve or die out. So what is it that makes us so unique from all other life on earth? Is it the fact that a huge swathe of humanity believes that around 3000 years ago, as far as we can tell, a certain tribe of bumbling primates was visited by a divine being of irrefutable power and sovereignty and granted favour and leave to rule the earth? Or that the same being or another one entirely different appeared to another bunch of primates and told them that they had leave to spread their message to the ends of the earth at any cost? Or is the truth in fact that we are just like any other species trying to make sense of our brief and meaningless existence as a footnote in the history of the universe? Why do we think we are so different from ants?

I don’t know the truth, I have the humility to realise that I know nothing for sure and that to seek to impose my views on any other individual is to deny them the Liberty of using their minds to answer what truly are metaphysical questions. I have heard it said that we, as humanity, know less and less about life, the universe and everything than we did a century ago and the beauty of that fact is that we know less and less about more and more. Life is not defined by manmade boundaries but purely in the way you choose to perceive it; if your religion helps give you a definition of it, then so be it, simply reserve my right to have my own definition of it.

The point of all this drivel is simply to impress upon you the fact that your life and the world you live in is yours to mould. Only you have the ability to change and impact the world you live in, first by understanding your place in it and realising that there is no limit to your potential.

So life to me is nothing more than a process of evolution and my part in it is to do my bit as far as the survival of our species is concerned while taking some sort of meaning from it. I choose to do this by putting down my thoughts for posterity; by teaching the younger generation that if we are to survive as a species we must work together. I’m off to get drunk and hopefully interesting things will happen after that.

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