If you are trapped in an elevator, pick 4 people you want to be stuck with?


Excerpt from a post by Tommy

So this morning I woke up and started my morning routing of checking email / RSS feeds and monitoring twitter when one of my good friends from London, sends me this…

kelliesimpson @tommytrc Not much! I’m just asking people who’d they’d like to be trapped in an elevator with!

and I said

@kelliesimpson asks, if you could be stranded in an elevator with, who would it be? Me: Steve Jobs, Tina Fay, Bear Grylles & Heidi Klum

kelliesimpson @tommytrc Good to time to get to know someone, stuck in an elevator.

As I’m going about the rest of my day and people start replying to my original tweet. I get one, 2, 5, 10 replys and they keep pouting in. people keep forwarding or Tweeting my original question and I’m getting the best answers. Many have asked to see what other have said, so I’m compiling the

Ok Kids, If you are stuck in an elevator, what 4 people would you want to be stuck with? Alive people only

Okay here’s what I found out… I did not edit this at all or correct spelling errors in names or anything. Remember twitter is limited to 140 characters per reply, that’s why some words are truncated.

tangokdesign @tommytrc my hubby, mybff mary, her hubby dave and Anthony Bourdain. Interesting people to have conversations with.

LesleaC @tommytrc Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum, Dexter, Robin Thicke

JasonAltenburg @tommytrc Maynard James Keenan, Juliya Chernetsky, Bill Gates, and Linus Torvalds

judyrey @tommytrc Good choices, but I’d rather be stuck in a elevator with an elevator mechanic or the building’s superintendent.

coconacchi @tommytrc Lily Allen, Neko Case, my dirty ex, Amir Derakh

footenotes @tommytrc My 4: Pres Obama, Tom Colicchio, J. D. Salinger and Sandra Day O’Connor

laquesefue @tommytrc Obama, Sarah Palin, John McCain and Pelosi, I love drama…….

ShoeSmitten @tommytrc 1) You, we could chat for hours about shoes ;) 2) Giuseppe Zanotti, of course 3) My dad, he tells great stories 4) my best friend

WOW ShoeSmitten picked me interesting…

lollieshopping @tommytrc @dudieboy, @tara_bear, her BF @_twt and my BFF/Gay Husband Joey (who isn’t on Twitter, but should be).

Ashleybird @tommytrc the 4 members of The Used. :) They would keep me entertained

DougOntrack @tommytrc Shir Shimron,Warren Buffet,Guy Kawasaki,Stevie Nicks.

smlacy @tommytrc My 2 best friends, my boyfriend and @TheCharmQuark I thin

Oshkosh_mommy @tommytrc just me, so quiet would be nice, maybe form a whole thought without hearing mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommmy

snowvandemore @tommytrc my husband, Bear Grills, Bobby Flay and George Cloone

klanum @tommytrc tina fey, conan o’brien, travis clark and al roker. what about you

Another Tine Fey Fan..nice

carnellm @tommytrc Jenny McCarthy and her three clone sisters. Yup, that would about do it for me!! ;)

KRAPPS @tommytrc tough/good question!!! Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria :)

Yes, I knew Steve Jobs would be popular…

mattmutz @tommytrc Dave Attell, Jorge Garcia, Steve Wozniak, Kevin Rose

writingroads @tommytrc Eve Ensler, Ellen, George Clooney, Jon Stewart

LisaTorres @tommytrc barack obama, oprah, hellen keller and YOU so you can ask me more great questions!

Is Hellen Keller still alive?…next…

shawnz @tommytrc Quinn, John, Donna…and Jim Beam (much needed companion as I have a great fear of getting stuck on elevators). I take the stairs.

UneditedVersion @tommytrc Sigmund Freud, Eva Peron, Ernest Hemmingway, and Frida Kahlo still stands with me. I’m thinking of alive people.

They are dead..try again please…!

UneditedVersion @tommytrc Dr. Michael Stone, Barack Obama, Madonna, and Marilyn vos Savant. That was tough.

briancray @tommytrc Survivor man, Construction worker, Water delivery guy, and my girlfriend

nerdette @tommytrc 4 people: an elevator mechanic, MacGyver, Billy Crystal and Wanda Sykes because then at least it would be funny.

hack10 @tommytrc opra,obama,george bush sr, and richard branson

footndale @tommytrc That’s easy. My wife and 3 kids.

linnetwoods @tommytrc Without pondering long? Keith ‘Robbie’ Robinson (he’d get us out) Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, and John Cleese (for examlple)

amitchowdhry @tommytrc bill gates, warren buffett, obama, and larry page

mayhemstudios @tommytrc: @Logomotives @andysowards @unmarketing and MacGyver

estmr @tommytrc putting family aside, Rush, Prager, Levin, & Ingraham, funny, informative and I’d get along with them all!

kodakCB @tommytrc Hmmm. My husband, Martha Stewart, David Letterman and an elevator repairman! (Comforted, educated, entertained and rescued! : )

SO who would like to be stuck with in a lift ?


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