That Corporate Drink-Up


By Rafayilli

Only a few companies like the one I work for can brag about a human resource development plan which includes career development, training, professional association membership  and of course That Corporate Drink-up each quarter or when- ever the boss feels like a few cold ones.

That Corporate Drink-up is usually thrown so that many  swagger-filled professionals like myself may get to know that  Susan and Joan actually work in my company and aren’t just  another skirt in the building! With a corporation growing like  India I have ended up not knowing that we had new bosses in  town till the quarterly party when they introduced Bob whom all along I thought was another new hire and had even almost-but-not-quite given the all welcome Corporation prank the previous week.
These parties are usually announced a week or so in advance  and that helps take care of plot for the forth coming weekend.  This gives you chance to send out invites to some of those  unfortunate friends working in the really Small-Making Earnings companies to join you. Having been part of an organizing
committee for one of these parties, held at a conveniently very public restaurant so that the Corporation’s banners could be  seen by all and sundry that chanced upon the venue, I must  say, that the budget is quite limited and we did our best to  splash most if not all of the cash budget onto drinks and eats, save for the hall hire.

That Corporation Drink-up will also attract the unfortunate folk of other lesser corporations (those which can only afford a dinner party for the boss and his managers in the Christmas period) to come and savour the moment and also have Corporate  jazz the week next at the pantry or wherever else they take or  make their breakfast. The Corporate Drink-up crashers if female
are the best way to propel your corporation’s image elsewhere.  Just imagine the following Monday at that really Small-Making Earnings company the hot gossip will about how That Corporate Drink-up really had it all talking about the food to the assortment of liquors and beers. “Imagine they do it all year round every 3 months. Ooh! OMG! I am getting a job there soon, real soon.” Fat chance!
Anyhow, the best part of That Corporate Drink-up is when the speeches are done, recognition of the best boss’ ass-kisser of the quarter has been awarded and the DJ has started hittin’ that shh. The most amazing of these moments are where it is quite  vivid for all to see how drunk that JW made you but you seem so oblivious to your nonchalant dance strokes that are making the manager whom you are rubba-dubbing exhilarated. And before  you know it all managers that had earlier called for your sucking are now elated and waiting to chance upon a squeeze with you on the now darkened dance floor.
It thus is quite heart numbing for the best ass kisser not to be remembered at all for the next three months as all talk will be of how you got down with the really young manager from sales whom you all along thought and may still be thinking works for the Embassy next door.


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